5 Gel highlighters

5 Gel highlighters
Titel: 5 Gel highlighters
Auteur: Bible marker
Bestelnr.: 6006937122079
Prijs : € 8,99

These Twist & Glide Highlighters slide across paper like butter! No leaking through the page just vivid color to accentuate important words. Non-toxic gel stick with twist feed motion. Easy-to-hold size means no stressing or cramping busy hands! Set includes 5 colors (blue, yellow, green, pink, orange), each with a specially selected Scripture verse printed in black on the barrel. Packaged in a PVC sleeve. 

- 5-Pen Gel Highlighter Set
- Highlighter Size: 136 x 13 mm
- Pen Color / Scripture Verse:
Blue Phil 4:4
Yellow Phil 4:13
Green Ps 37:4
Pink 1 Cor 13:8
Orange Rom 12:12