The Cottage

The Cottage
Titel: The Cottage
Auteur: Phillips, Michael
Bestelnr.: 9780764217494
Prijs : € 15,95

'The Cottage #2, in the Secrets of the Shetland Islands series, by Michael Phillips

Loni Ford finds out she inherited property with a cottage on Whale's Reef, one of the Shetland Islands of the North Sea. Her first thought is to sell it. She is pleasantly suprised to find ''the Cottage'' is not at all what she expected. Most of the islanders believe David Tulloch is the rightful heir and are quite shocked that it is an American woman. There is something about him that doesn't sit well with her. Hardy Tulloch is David's cousin who is backed by oil investors and wants to control the island. Is Loni's life in danger?'