Spiritual Easter and Pentecost

Spiritual Easter and Pentecost
Titel: Spiritual Easter and Pentecost
Auteur: Boer, André de
Bestelnr.: 9789067326896
Uitgever: Rozekruis-Pers, St. De
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The genesis of the resurrection body The resurrection of the inner man is the very reason for our life on earth. The resurrection is the essence of man and brings lustre, strength and inner courage to his life. However: man must find it for himself and man must wish for it himself. This book is based on selected chapters from The Gospel of the Holy Twelve. The reflections on these chapters can be seen as signposts for spiritual awakening and renewal. The new atmosphere, in which the Holy Spirit creates in accordance with the divine plan of creation, exists and is omnipresent. This atmosphere is always present and constitutes your birth right as a human being. Sometimes you sense its energy like a spring morning in the Easter sea-son: fresh, refreshing, shuddering with restrained life. Then you know from within that this sensation holds a promise. You know it as inner experience and knowing. That is Gnosis. I am really thrilled about these reflections. They add an extra dimension to these days, the dimension I miss so much in our hectic daily lives. Angèle I have read the wonderful texts with care and attention and they offer me - just what I needed and what I had hoped - meaning and content to Easter. Christie It's really beautiful and so enlightening. Several pieces of the Gospels have now become clear to me and so many things seem to fall into place. Ineke I find it heart warming to see that inner events are considered and explained for a large group of interested people from the perspective of the universal light. Kees There is a soothing stillness in me and I feel connected, a tip of my inner veil is being lifted. I feel light and grateful. Marcel These reflections are as beautiful as those of Spiritual Christmas, very much inward. Wim