About Power and Invisible Bankers

About Power and Invisible Bankers
Titel: About Power and Invisible Bankers
Auteur: Izar B.
Bestelnr.: 9789082700442
Prijs : € 9,95
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Wars are deliberately created to serve the armaments industry. Central bankers systematically plunder governments and the bankrupt governments in turn rob the powerless citizens. Whoever thinks that the government is there to serve the interests of the citizen comes out deceived. Those that pay taxes pay the bill. The rich become richer and poor become poorer. All this is not a coincidence, but a preconceived plan of a small group of criminal bankers. Everyone has to deal with it, but only a few realize what is going on. Welcome to the New World Order portal. How did it ever get this far? This non-fiction book describes a number of bizarre events that happened over the last 250 years. They were carefully kept outside the history books and main stream media. This book will take you on a voyage of discovery in a world of fraud and deception. The author takes a critical view of the world around us and wrote this book in order to inform the reader how the system of money- and power structures, probably works. Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were the best known but certainly not the only American presidents, who warned the people of the lies and deceit of an occult Deep State. They were not heard but murdered. How bizarre is it that 99.9% of people still get fooled by the 0.1% criminal psychopaths that these ex US presidents are talking about. The world is ruled by a criminal cabal of Freemasons and Jesuits who serve exclusively their own interests. These Deep State elite are working on a New World Order in which they pursue absolute power over everything and everyone. To get there, countries must give up their sovereignty, the monetary system and stock markets must collapse and wars must rage. Recognizable? It is with the power of social media, that the den of vipers can be exposed, after which 7 billion benevolent people can work again on their future without grabbing bankers, robbing government, hypocritical religions and pointless wars. Why not the 99.9% against the 0.1% instead of the other way around? Most votes apply. Don't you agree? What are you going to do with this information? In this age of social media and information technology, ignorance is a choice. B.Izar.