Still Work to Be Done

Still Work to Be Done
Titel: Still Work to Be Done
Auteur: Luc Cortebeeck
Bestelnr.: 9789401473064
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Luc Cortebeeck has been fighting for social justice for over forty years. From 2011 to 2017, he was Vice-Chairperson of the ILO Governing Body and in 2017-2018 its Chairperson. The International Labor Organization (ILO) is the UN agency that brings together governments, employers and workers, promotes decent work and social justice, and sets and supervises international labour standards.

In Still Work to Be Done he presents his experiences and insights, which call for reflection and, above all, action. In a far-reaching analysis of labour in today's world - from forced labour in Asia and the Gulf States through the brutal violence against trade unionists in Latin America to the erosion of social security and the right to strike in industrialised countries - he examines the future of work: how can we eliminate child labour and exploitation? How do we make governments and multinationals respect all workers in supply chains? How do we use the challenges and opportunities of digitisation to tackle inequality? How will we work in the post-coronavirus world, after a pandemic hitting the most vulnerable and the young hardest of all?