The Dutch School - Drawing & Paintingles

The Dutch School - Drawing & Paintingles
Titel: The Dutch School - Drawing & Paintingles
Auteur: Smallenbroek Jennie
Bestelnr.: 9789402128550
Prijs : € 8,96
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This book exists of three parts: Part 1: Personal development; Part 2: Drawing lessons; Part 3: Painting lessons. The personal development that you go through when you start painting has a positive effect on your entire life. You will experience people, animals and things around you very differently because your perception changes. With practical exercises you can not only learn to draw and paint well, but you will experience your life more intensively. 'After reading this book, you will not only have gained more knowledge of the different painting techniques, but you will also become more aware of why you are so busy drawing and painting. Reading this book will help you become aware of the different phases you go through while learning to draw and paint'