The Cellulite Guide

The Cellulite Guide
Titel: The Cellulite Guide
Auteur: Lourens, Fajah
Bestelnr.: 9789402179019
Prijs : € 3,27
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The Cellulite Guide by Faya Lourens is a 'no-nonsense' guide that helps you to reduce cellulite and, in some cases, helps you towards a cellulite free existence! In this guide, Faya explains what cellulite actually is and what you need to avoid, or encourage, for the best results! All existing treatments are examined in this guide, with all the facts and myths laid out one by one. It contains an 8-week anti-cellulite diet, which includes 11 recipes and shopping lists. The guide also includes an 8-week training program for at home and in the gym.