Save our Planet Earth

Save our Planet Earth
Titel: Save our Planet Earth
Auteur: Peter A.J. Holst
Bestelnr.: 9789403618029
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For half a century, Mother Earth has given man dominion over his own reproduction and the reproduction of all animals and plants on Earth. We are therefore indebted to repair the damage we cause. Meat and eggs for consumption are now exclusively produced by artificial insemination, fattening and incubators. Coronavirus, African swine fever, annual Influenza viruses are the result of diseases in animals that can also pass to humans. More than 300 million farm animals in the EU spend their entire lives in a cage. The Covid-19-20-21 pandemic resulting in the global blockade shows how vulnerable society is. The virus is a nail bomb. The vaccine is a little door knocker. It is very important that we all arm ourselves against zoonoses by keeping our immune system optimal with nutrition. People who consume more animal protein have fewer antibodies and a reduced immune system, even if they consume a very low amount of animal protein. The elderly, in particular, develop diseases that arise from diet that reduces immune response and antibody formation.