35 Years CISG and Beyond

35 Years CISG and Beyond
Titel: 35 Years CISG and Beyond
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This book contains the presentations given at the conference 35 Years CISG and Beyond, hosted by the University of Basel, SVIR/SSDI (Swiss Association for International Law) and UNCITRAL on 29 and 30 January 2015. The Conference focused on open issues in regard to the CISG's application and on any possible further harmonization and unification of contract law. The following topics are covered: economic analysis of CISG; the decline of reservations; extending the CISG; CISG, state action and regionalisation; CISG and fair contract law. Speakers at the Conference included the world's leading scholars on the CISG and comparative law, among them the members and rapporteurs of the CISG Advisory Council. This book is of interest to practionersand academics in the field of CISG.