Organizational Change as Collaborative P

Organizational Change as Collaborative P
Titel: Organizational Change as Collaborative P
Auteur: Boonstra, Jaap
Bestelnr.: 9789462763517
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A positive view on change and innovation in organizations Change as Collaborative Play is a playful method for change management in organizations. It shows the dynamics in which professionals play a role and collaborate in preparing their organization for the future. The model offers inspiration and practical tools for those who want to contribute to the development of their organization and themselves. Change as Collaborative Play is essential reading for professionals, leaders, (change) managers, board members, advisors and students who are involved with change in their organizations, a crucial task in the present and future of business. Jaap Boonstra is a professor of 'Organization Dynamics' at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, visiting professor 'Organizational Change' at WU, Vienna University for Economics and Business and lecturer at the Netherlands School of Public Administration in The Hague. As an independent consultant he is involved in change processes in international business firms and social organizations. 'A book that will change the way we transform organizations.' Susanna Sala - Viacom International, The Americas; Senior Vice President HR & Communication & Technology 'Change in organizations is mostly seen and experienced as a painful and threatening passage. This book offers us a new and surprising approach: change as play.' Marie-Thérèse Claes - Consultant and coach Cross-cultural management; Professor Cross Cultural management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand