The CFO in Pole Position

The CFO in Pole Position
Titel: The CFO in Pole Position
Auteur: Mohamed Bouker; Frank Geelen; Nart Wiela
Bestelnr.: 9789462763913
Prijs : € 24,95
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Leading next-generation decision-making in a data-driven organization Like in Formula-1 racing, decision-making is crucial for business success and can be the difference between a checkered flag or the gravel pit. Decisions are increasingly made based upon data, but which function within an organisation is most suitable to drive the transformation towards a Decision Oriented Organisation? An organisation that beats competitors based on excellence in decision-making. The CFO behind the wheel In The CFO in Pole Position, Mohamed Bouker and Frank Geelen (partners at Deloitte Consulting) and Nart Wielaard (business author) make a convincing plea to put the CFO behind the wheel of this exciting transformation. With the right CFO, any business can become a Decision Oriented Organisation and make the right decision. What this book will get you You will learn to transform your business into a Decision Oriented Organisation, to recognize the different types of decisions and what exactly a CFO needs to do to lead the organisation towards success in uncertain times.