Sustainable HRM

Sustainable HRM
Titel: Sustainable HRM
Auteur: Vanderstraeten, Alex; Kramar, Robin
Bestelnr.: 9789463936125
Prijs : € 33,50
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As we face new technological developments and new ways of working, rapid economic growth, globalisation, climate change, growing, inequality and Covid-19, no-one can deny that times are changing fast. Therefore, organisations human resource management also needs to adapt: this is where Sustainable HRM (or SHRM) comes into the picture. But what is Sustainable Human Resource Management? How does it differ from HRM, and what makes it a truly new way of looking at the management of people and organisations? Alongside a theoretical introduction to the concept, this book includes numerous concrete cases and a practical tool to help you develop a SHRM strategy: the Sustainable HRM Cockpit. This book is primarily written for HRM professionals who wants to implement SHRM in their organisation, or who want to evaluate and improve their practise of it. Additionally, academics, students, and those interested in HRM mesurements are sure to benefit from this exceptional introduction to Sustainble HRM.