The editorial age

The editorial age
Titel: The editorial age
Auteur: Ebele Wybenga
Bestelnr.: 9789491560118
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A MUST-READ FOR JOURNALISTS, PUBLISHERS,BRAND OWNERS, PUBLIC RELATIONS PROFESSIONALS AND ADVERTISING CREATIVES Today, advertisers are facing an attention crisis while independent media are shrinking. These trends force journalism and advertising to blend. The Editorial Age ushers in a new era, and introduces: pioneering brands that earn attention and credibility by producing media of journalistic quality, including Acne, Google, Mr Porter, Weight Watchers, and Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy. emerging media companies that combine independent publishing with creative services for brands, including VICE, Forbes, Monocle and The Church of London. essential principles to safeguard journalistic integrity, protect the public, and avoid damaged reputations. This book shows the importance of independent thinking, editorial talent, and an original voice to survive in tomorrows media industry. It clarifi es expressions like branded content, customer media, content marketing, branded journalism and native advertising. Amsterdam-based journalist Ebele Wybenga (1987) writes about contemporary culture, brands, and advertising. He contributes to the weekend edition of newspaper NRC Handelsblad and is a columnist for Adformatie, the journal of the Dutch advertising and media industry.