90 Minutes Girl Power Edition

90 Minutes Girl Power Edition
Titel: 90 Minutes Girl Power Edition
Auteur: De Heij, Eddy
Bestelnr.: 9789491757983
Prijs : € 4,50
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Life is just like a soccer match. You want success, but it doesn't always go your way. Practice makes perfect. You make mistakes, and learn from them. Together you make progress. Supporters help you to play even better. And fair play is always the best. In this book, Lisa (45) looks back on her career. What went well? What failed? What did she learn? What can she change? And what does she want to achieve? 90 minutes helps you look at your life like a soccer match. The book is a coach. He sends you back to the field revitalized after half-time. Maybe he'll change your position. At least he'll give you food for thought.