A Major in Distress, Part 1: Deceptions

A Major in Distress, Part 1: Deceptions
Titel: A Major in Distress, Part 1: Deceptions
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A MAJOR IN DISTRESS- DECEPTIONS, book 2 of the special collage series Wellington's Officers When Marguerite is widowed at the young age of 22 she soon falls victim to her homosexual brother Stephen's machinations. He convinces her to marry his new lover Viscount Lord Philip Morvern, who happens to be the brother of Hengist Agnew, her secret childhood love. When Hengist, a major in Wellington's army in the Spanish Peninsula manages to come home he takes his brother's place at the social activities of the Ton in London and in his brother's bed. This situation of course will soon become untenable. Illustrated with collages- historical fiction- Regency Period. 1809-1811