A Major in Distress, part 2 Death's Stin

A Major in Distress, part 2 Death's Stin
Titel: A Major in Distress, part 2 Death's Stin
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A MAJOR IN DISTRESS, PART 2: DEATH'S STING Volume 3 in Collages Edition Wellington's Officers .Major Hengist Agnew, war hero and second son of the Earl of Loghaire, unwittingly deceives the London Regency Ton by taking his brother Lord Philip Morvern's place at important events and even in his marital bed. The situation becomes darkly dangerous when the highest circle in London starts a devious plan to lay hands on Philip's wife's money: his brother is arrested for the heinous crime of sodomy. To save his brother from the gallows and preserve the family name Hengist has to start a race against death, that is almost impossible to win. Lady Marguerite Morvern worries about her husband's behavior, that differs day and night. When death knocks at her door it brings deceptions and atrocities into the bright daylight.