Meet Harry and Herman

Meet Harry and Herman
Titel: Meet Harry and Herman
Auteur: Watson, Kathy
Bestelnr.: 9789493105003
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The core value of doing what you are told, is brought home in this "Rrrribbiting" tale of two small frogs who find themselves "stuck in the muck" of disobedience. Young children and parents alike will merrily follow the inquisitive antics of Harry and Herman as they leap from the safety of home into the dangerous pail of the unknown. Just when they think all hope is lost, they are rescued by a friendly unseen hand! Impacting lives for change, Kathy Watson, mother, grandmother, and children's storyteller shares one of her favorite tales. A motivational speaker, teacher, author, and missionary to Africa, she has offered this story of Harry and Herman to children around the world for over thirty-seven years. Thousands have laughed, cried, and jumped with joy at this delightful tale. Kathy's desire is to see children find joy and happiness in a world filled with sorrow.